Monday, 29 September 2014

Yoga for Travelers

As a professional vacationer and avid yogi, Kylee Sleep understands the strain traveling can have on your body. Walking on concrete for long distances, sitting on trains and planes for hours, sleeping on uncomfortable beds, and getting less sleep than usual all take a toll on the body. Kylee Sleep realized that when she would stop her exercise schedule during a big trip, she felt sluggish and was unable to truly enjoy her vacation. Instead of quitting our exercise schedule during a vacation, Kylee Sleep recommends shifting the focus of your workout to optimize it for traveling purposes.

Without your typical equipment or regular schedule, you may be unsure about how to exercise during a vacation. Kylee Sleep recommends incorporating yoga into your daily schedule on vacation because this practice addresses many of the central discomforts and concerns travelers experience during their vacations. Yoga is a highly adaptable method of fitness, and can be used to ease pain and increase energy throughout your trip.

Kylee Sleep recommends these 5 poses for travelers because they can be performed anywhere.

·         Half downward-facing dog pose
·         Revolved triangle pose
·         Seated twist
·         Mountain pose
·         Neck rolls

Whether you are in your hotel room, the airport, or at the beach, these poses can be used to relieve stress, wake you up, and ease pain. Kylee Sleep recommends incorporating yoga into your morning routine while on vacation to maintain balance and health during a physically and mentally demanding activity like traveling. With the stresses associated with traveling, it is important to set aside time to meditate and focus on breathing to maintain a positive attitude.

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