Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kylee Sleep: Make Dining Out a Healthier Activity

Most everyone loves take an occasional night out on the town, frequenting a fine dining establishment and enjoying a delicious meal prepared by an experienced and dedicated professional. Kylee Sleep, a fine dining enthusiast, is fond of spending her evenings enjoying the luxury and comfort of the fine dining experience, sharing wonderful meals and interesting conversation with friends and family.

A fine dining connoisseur, Kylee Sleep works to make her fine dining experiences as healthy and productive as possible. Below, she shares several tips for making your dining out experience a little bit healthier.

Chances are, says Kylee Sleep, that if you live in an urban area, you have an abundance of dining options within walking distance. Rather than taking the car to a restaurant only 1-2 miles away, put on your shoes and walk to your destination. Not only does this help you burn calories and get valuable exercise before you eat, but also helps you to burn off what you’ve eaten on the walk home.

Smaller Serving Sizes
There are several ways, says Kylee Sleep, that you can consumer smaller portions at a restaurant. She understands that many restaurants serve mammoth proportions, which is why she suggests such behaviors as ordering appetizers over full course meals, and limiting yourself to only half a meal and saving the rest for a late-night snack. Other things you can do to reduce portion size, says Kylee Sleep, are to share desserts with your friends, or to share your entrĂ©e with the person you’re with.

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