Monday, 13 October 2014

Kylee Sleep On the Benefits of Meditation Before Racing

Kylee Sleep is a long distance runner who has trained for years in the half marathon. In addition to running, Kylee Sleep is also a yogi. She believes that the key to staying focused and motivated during a long distance run is to practice yoga or meditation before the race, and even before training. By taking a few minutes to focus on breathing, you can start your run with a clear head and an energized body/mind.

Before a big race, it is easy to get anxious and nervous. If you begin your race with this mentality then it is hard to get in the mindset of racing and winning. Instead, Kylee Sleep recommends yoga as one way to avoid these anxieties by focusing on a positive foundation. Before a race, Kylee Sleep does a few yoga positions that are low intensity but allow for focused breathing. Additionally, these poses keep muscles warm and limber as you wait for the race to begin.

Without yoga, Kylee Sleep believes that she would not be able to perform at such high levels. Without a clear head ready to race, she finds herself distracted and performing at much slower speeds. Focused breathing helps energize the cells in your body and awaken the mind to prepare your body for the high intensity of a long distance run. Yoga and meditation are just one option for how to get in a clear state of mind before a race, but Kylee Sleep says that the important thing is to start your race off with a positive mindset and full mind/body awareness.

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