Thursday, 31 July 2014

Kylee Sleep: Tips for More Successful Time Management

Kylee Sleep is a successful professional, in large part due to her ability to manage her schedule and tasks in an efficient and effective manner. A graduate of Manitoba University and an experienced sales professional, Kylee Sleep knows how crucial it is to be a skilled time manager, particularly as a member of the professional business community.
Below, she provides several tips for more effective time management.

Start with a Daily Plan
It’s important, says Kylee Sleep, to create a plan for your day before it starts. Take the time, either in the morning or the night before, to set up your daily schedule, and to stick to that plan as best as you can.

Set Time Limits
Each task requires a certain amount of time, says Kylee Sleep, though you don’t want one or two tasks to consume your entire day, and to interfere with your other important responsibilities. Be sure, he says, to set time limits for each individual task, and to stick to this limits.

Follow a Calendar
Having a calendar is fundamental, says Kylee Sleep, to effective time management, helping you to better manage the tasks, meetings, communications and other aspects that consume the typical eight hour work day. Calendars provide great reference points and task reminders, and is crucial to keep your calendar updated, and to make it the center of your time management plan.

Highlight Deadlines
Be sure, says Kylee Sleep, to emphasize task deadlines on both your organizer and your calendar. Make sure you have each deadline highlighted and highly visible.

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