Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kylee Sleep: Achieve Better Customer Service

Kylee Sleep has proven herself to be an exemplary customer service professional, someone who understands how to build and maintain customer loyalty through the establishment and cultivation of friendly and lasting relationships with every customer. A customer service expert, Kylee Sleep works to educate others on not only the importance of exemplary customer service, but also the best ways to improve the service experience.

Below, Kylee Sleep offers a few helpful tips on how to create a better experience for your company’s customers.

A major component of high-quality and memorable customer service, she says, is responsiveness; the ability to be address your customers’ needs in a timely fashion. Make a concerted effort, says Kylee Sleep, to be available when and wherever your customers need you to be.

Though it may seem obvious, she says, a friendly greeting can go a long way towards establishing a trusting relationship between yourself and the customer. According to Kylee Sleep, the simple act of a friendly greeting is the best way to begin the service process, something that often leads to a successful transaction.

Active Listening
Don’t tell your customers what they need, says Kylee Sleep. A better way to connect with your customers is to take the time to listen to their needs. Listen to your customer’s needs, concerns and questions to more accurately determine how your services and or products will best fulfill and address them. Kylee Sleep underlines the simple act of listening as perhaps the most important thing you can do to enhance the quality of your company’s customer service experience.

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