Monday, 22 September 2014

Kylee Sleep’s 5 Favorite Places to Travel

Kylee Sleep is a nutritional scientist and fitness buff, but she is also an avid traveler. As an outgoing professional vacationer, Kylee Sleep has traveled around the world experiencing the history, culture, and food of many different locations. Over the years, Kylee Sleep has chosen a few places that are unbeatable in their unique and beautiful landscapes and culture. While she appreciates a range of locations, Kylee Sleep is particularly fond of beach settings. After working in the Caribbean for years, sand and waves are a central part of Kylee Sleep’s life and she uses every opportunity to seek out vacationing spots near the coasts. Also, coastal traveling means access to fresh seafood, which is Kylee Sleep’s favorite fine dinning cuisine. Kylee Sleep’s top 5 favorite places to travel are:

·         San Juan, Puerto Rico
·         Charnocks, Barbados
·         Brighton, England
·         Miami, Florida
·         Nassau, The Bahamas

One of the main reasons that Kylee Sleep loves traveling to different beaches around the world is because of the wide variety of ecology in each location. Each beach has its own set of native species and often migrating species as well. This means that every beach looks a little different in its landscape. Also, each beach has shells from species in the area, so Kylee Sleep enjoys collecting these shells as a reminder of the beaches she has visited. Additionally, as a dedicated runner, Kylee Sleep loves to run on the sand at the beach. In fact, running on the beach in the morning allows Kylee Sleep to combine her passion for running with her shell-collecting hobby.

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